Alann J

Alann J

Painter of Rust

I grew up in Flint, Michigan going to every open house that Chevrolet had from 1959 – 1977. You might say I was “weaned on a piston pacifier”. I loved everything about the manufacturing of cars. I loved the big machines that stamped out the parts, I loved the grime, the grease, the rusted and the weathered. I started painting with oil pastels and acrylics around 8 years old, and I started drawing cars long before I was out of elementary school.

After attending school for advertising design, I took a job as a technical illustrator for the Department of Defense working for an Air Force Contractor. I did this for 14.5 years working my way up the ladder to Vice President of the company.

I then decided to start my own company, Primal Wear, making a new line of clothing for bicyclists. It was bright, colorful, very graphic bike wear that took the biking world by storm. In 2008, after almost 20 years of building a company thats product was represented all over the world, I sold it. I thought about retiring, but found I couldn’t sit still… so I started a motorcycle apparel company, Missing Link.

Until I wed my college sweetheart, my paintings were done just as a hobby. I painted them, hung them for a while, then put them away. But everything changed when I married my lovely wife, she was having no part of them languishing around like a collection of leisure suits. She LOVED them!! And this drove me to paint more and more. I found that through robots, I could communicate about a variety of subjects objectively, and without distractions such as gender, race, religion, or age. Once I began amassing a collection of robot paintings, it was my wife that urged me to consider showing my work, and so… after 48 years of painting solely for personal escape and relaxation, I decided to begin showing my work. In January 2016, I applied and was accepted into an art show in Florida. It was the beginning of something exciting, and I owe it all to my wife.

So if you see me and my robots at an art event in your town some day, stop by and ask me about my paintings. But don’t leave without asking me about my wife, she is my inspiration, my love, my life. Her name is Sharon.